A terraced garden beach cafe with seafood, friendly staff and pleasant coastal life atmosphere.

Located in a picturesque olive growth right on the Massandra beach, one of the most comfortable and clean public beaches in Crimea. The name Rakushka Midyaika (which translates as Little Shellfish Mussel from local dialect) means it serves seafood: fresh shellfish, oysters and mussels, shrimp and scallops, salmon and trout, anchovies. The menu has a wide range of tutti frutti del mare, with marine delicacies ranging from the Black Sea to the Pacific ones. For cooking, Chefs use live shellfish they select right in front of patrons from the aquarium in which the mollusks are kept fresh in their natural envionment.

You could also order pizza, sushi or a local street food – deep fried pies called Chebureki or Pirozhki. The menu’s vegetarian dishes are specially marked.

As a local specialty, menu features Our Shellfish Mussels – locally caught Mytilus galloprovincialis, Black Sea mussels, with a variety of seasonings: cream sauce, coconut, wine, tomato or roasted on shishs.

For true connoisseurs of local wine, Rakushka Midyaika wine list contains the best wines of the Crimean winemakers, including the famous White Muscatel of the Red Stone. Crimean wine is distinguished by its rich fruity taste, high natural sugar content and indigenous production methods which include adding grain alcohol during fermantation.

Cafe’s second level, aptly named Siam Paradise, features cozy pavillions hidden among olive trees and tropical plants, in a Zen Garden complete with Buddha statues, miniature springs and goldfish ponds.

Rakushka Midyaika is an ideal place both for a delicious lunch on a summer day or for a romantic dinner to the sound of an evening surf.



Massandrovsky beach, 27 Nizhneslobodskaya str. Yalta, Crimea

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